ESSEX, Conn. (WTNH) — The Connecticut shoreline now has a new diagnosis and treatment option for kids and teens struggling with mental and physical issues.

Middlesex Health has opened its new Mayer Center at 252 Westbrook Road in Essex in order to give families in the area a new resource.

One patient is Ryan Ortolani who was born at 23 weeks and spent his first 163 days of life in the NICU. Ryan was a triplet and sadly his brothers Ben and Chase did not make it.

“He was this defenseless little neonate born at one pound eight ounces literally the size of the palm of your hand,” said Taylor Ortolani, Ryan’s mother.

“He’s our little fighter, he’s our little miracle child,” Ortolani said. “We’re just so proud of how far he’s come he’s come so far.”

Ryan has been making progress with physical therapist Jennifer Cosmopoulos at the Mayer Center. Ryan has been working on his gross motor skills including his ability to sit, stand and explore his own environment.

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Brian Taber, the Mayer Center’s Director of Physical Rehabilitation said those who can benefit from care range from tots to teenagers who are facing challenges.

“Whether it be things in school, in the community, physical challenges, behavioral challenges, it really is a wide range of kids,” Taber said.

There are special rooms for different behavioral therapies here including AB at the Mayer Center.

The Mayer Center experts are able to give kids and teens a diagnosis for many conditions including autism.

Many shoreline parents have waited for months or a year at facilities to get their children an autism diagnosis.

“They may not be walking as early as a normal child would be or they may have a harder time getting dressed or feeding themselves,” Taber said.

Ryan’s mom gets teary over how far her baby has come through therapy, and how big he now is.

“It’s hard to believe they’re ever going to get to this point, and to see him here now it’s just, my heart could burst,” Ortolani said.