Rain moved quickly through the state this morning filling the rain gauges with around a quarter of an inch of precip. Many Connecticut residents this morning saw temperatures 30 to 50 degrees warmer than yesterday morning. With these above average temperatures, the precipitation was wet rather than white. The graphic above shows how much rain fell this morning. If you have a weather station at your house and would like to submit your observation, you can do so on social media below.

With the recent rain and snow, many of you are certainly wondering where we stand as far as the drought is concerned. We’ve actually seen above normal rainfall dating back to the beginning of January 2017 but our drought across Connecticut has been going on since the beginning of January in 2015. Now the official drought update doesn’t come out until Thursday morning but I updated the numbers below. Inland Connecticut is close to 20 inches below average since Jan 1, 2015. Shoreline is around 11 inches below.

Now, I’m expecting the drought status to shrink a touch with the update tomorrow, but to say it’s gone…No I don’t think so just yet! With the latest update last week, 40% of Connecticut is in an extreme drought. Roughly 82% is in a severe drought and 100% of Connecticut is in a moderate drought. Parts of the state will likely pick up another .25″ of rainfall tonight and a shower or two Thursday afternoon but after that, it’s looking like another dry stretch.

Of course the rain this morning and tonight will help, but think about it, everyday it doesn’t rain, we add another .10″ to the deficit. We’ve certainly had many more dry days than wet days and even the days it actually rains, we’re not talking about flooding rains by any means!

Some of our longer range models have around 2 inches of precip over the next 14 days here in Connecticut. That’s a little above normal but really not much. According to the Climate Prediction Center, they certainly agree. The next three months, all indications are that we will see average precipitation. There’s a good chance that the Connecticut drought will be in the news for the first half of 2017!

Meteorologist Kevin Arnone

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