NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The city of New Haven will pay $45 million to settle a lawsuit with Randy Cox, the man paralyzed while being transported in a police van. His attorney, Ben Crump, sat down for an exclusive interview with News 8.

“When you think about George Floyd or Tyre Nichols or Breonna Taylor, you’ll also think about Randy Cox,” Crump said.

Nearly a year ago, Cox was arrested, handcuffed and put in the back of a transport van without a seat belt. When police hit the brakes, he slammed into a divider, breaking his neck. Body camera shows police pulled him out by his ankles and did not believe he was injured.

“The reason I think the settlement is so important is because it shows we have to treat all of our citizens with humanity, and respect, and dignity,” Crump said. “His life will never be the same, but also it’s an opportunity to heal the city, and try and have accountability to say that everybody matters in New Haven.”

New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker commented on the settlement Saturday morning.

“From day one, (New Haven Police Chief Karl) Jacobson and I have been very clear that we wanted to respond and a very proactive way to make sure that what happened to Randy, never ever happens again,” Elicker said.

All five officers involved in the incident have been arrested and charged with various crimes from reckless endangerment to cruelty. One officer retired, two were terminated, and two are facing termination as the internal investigation continues.

“We thank the city of New Haven for rising to the level, but we still have work to do,” Crump said. “We still have to make sure this doesn’t happen again and we want justice for Randy Cox, for criminal culpability and civil accountability.“