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Extensive damage, power outages in Brookfield after storm


A strong storm moved through Connecticut on Tuesday, causing damage and knocking out power across the state.

Governor Dannel Malloy traveled to Brookfield, one of the hardest-hit areas, to take a look at the damage firsthand.

“We have at least 1,800 damaged locations to fix, so we are looking at a long period of outages,” he said.

“We have no power. We took a ride about 45 minutes to get ice coolers this morning save some food and we won’t have power for a long time,” added April Coutts of Brookfield.

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The storm was unlike anything they’ve ever experienced.

“It came on fast very fast. It sounded like a train. Heavy, heavy rain. Incredible wind gusts,” Roger Miller of Brookfield said.

“I was outside and it was a green-blue type of funnel and it ripped through here,” explained Mark Bennett, also of Brookfield. I’ll never forget it for the rest of my life.”

Parents sheltered their kids to keep them safe.

“I took my children and the newborn baby and went into the bathroom and cried,” Coutts said.

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House after house was slammed with wind damage.

“We lost two roofs, shingles were ripped off. The power lines were detached from some of the homes on the roads,” Miller said.

Despite all of the damage, people say they’re just lucky to be alive.

“That’s the best thing, that we are all okay. The house, like I said, is replaceable, but we’re not, so we will get through this. It’ll be a little rough but we will definitely get through it,” stated Deborah Marks of Brookfield.

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