(WTNH) – Most of the eligible people in Connecticut have gotten their COVID-19 vaccinations, but about 30 percent refuse.

This week during Faces of the Unvaccinated, News 8 is talking to people who will not take the vaccines and discussing their reasons why.

A school teacher in CT is unvaccinated and her students and their parents don’t know it.

“I refuse the vaccine and I refuse the weekly testing,” she said.

News 8 is calling her “Tammy” because she did not want to reveal her identity. News 8 talked to her a few weeks ago and she said she’d rather quit her job than be vaccinated or submit to weekly testing. After a week without a paycheck, she decided to submit to testing and she’s now back in the classroom, but still not vaccinated.

She told News 8 that she doesn’t want to get the vaccine because she doesn’t want to weaken her immune system. “I prefer to do things naturally. I work out all the time. I eat healthily, I get regular check-ups. According to my PCP, I’m incredibly healthy, so why not just let nature take its course,” she explained.

Keith Grant is the Senior System Director for Infection Prevention at Hartford HealthCare. He agrees a healthy lifestyle can help you survive COVID, but it’s not a guarantee.

“If you work out if you are a healthy person, your chance of dying from COVID-19 has decreased exponentially, but it is absolutely not zero,” Grant said.

Tammy blames the media for some of this. “The media wants numbers. They want people to tune in, they want people to get fired up, they want their ratings, so they are going to say anything that’s going to give them those ratings,” she said.

When asked if it’s fair if the students and parents don’t know she’s not vaccinated, she said, “Absolutely. Why would they know? That’s my personal choice.”

News 8 asked her if she is willing to lose her job and move somewhere else over the vaccine. She said, “Yes if that doesn’t mean I’m serious, I don’t know what does. Somewhere down south. I’m looking at my options.”

Tammy says she is still planning her move to a red state.

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