(WTNH) – All week in our special series Faces of the Unvaccinated, News 8 has been introducing you to people in the state who refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

A Connecticut mom who has some health concerns says she has turned to deceit to keep peace in her family.

“I have some family members that think I’m vaccinated. I don’t want to upset them. I don’t want to have arguments,” she told News 8.

News 8 is calling her Donna because she doesn’t want to reveal her identity. She’s married, has a 5-year-old, and had COVID-19 in January. Donna has a history of blood clots, so she says her doctor has advised her against taking the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. J&J shots were put on a two-week pause over the summer after six women got blood clots that were tied to the vaccine. Donna says she’s reluctant about Moderna and Pfizer because they use the newer mRNA technology.

“It’s new, it’s never been released on the market before, and obviously, with a lot of medications, you don’t know side effects until many years later,” Donna said.

“It’s a new technology for a new disease at the time that we needed a miracle,” said Keith Grant.

Keith Grant is the Senior System Director for Infection Prevention at Hartford HealthCare.

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“I’ve talked to more than one person who said these mRNA vaccines are new, they’re untested, it’s the first time they’ve been used, and they’re afraid to take them. The technology has been in existence for over a decade, but it’s hard to disprove that it hasn’t been effective. It’s been very, very effective,” Grant said.

Donna says she has her antibodies tested regularly, and makes her decision with her doctor, and says it’s not political. She says none of this should be about politics.

“It’s been unfortunately made political, but it shouldn’t be. People have legitimate concerns and it’s unfortunate that it’s become so divisive and like everything else, become political,” Donna said. “In the future, I may get a vaccine, but that decision will be made between me and my doctor, not because my government shames me or because society tries to bully me. You’re not going to get people vaccinated that way,” Donna said.

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Most experts agree the next stage of this pandemic tug of war will be over booster shots. The data shows over time, the effectiveness of the vaccines will likely decrease and the push to get booster shots is just beginning.

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