(WTNH) – Most people in Connecticut who are eligible have been vaccinated against COVID-19, which is just over 70 percent. There are still thousands out there who refuse to get the vaccine.

Who are they, and why won’t they get the shot? All this week, News 8 will be airing their stores in a special series called Faces of the Unvaccinated.

A registered nurse, who despite having seen the ravages of COVID-19 first hand, will not get the vaccine.

Camile is a registered nurse at a major Connecticut hospital and worked in the COVID ward. She watched people suffer and die and even caught COVID-19 from a patient who died from it. Yet, she still refuses to be vaccinated.

“I feel just everything was rushed. I don’t feel there is enough evidence to make an educated decision on if the vaccine is safe and effective,” Camile said.

Keith Grant is the Senior System Director for Infection Prevention at Hartford HealthCare. He says vaccine development was historically fast, and it worked.

“I’ve had more than one person tell me we are just in a big clinical trial. This thing still isn’t scientifically proven, they don’t know, we are still part of a big test. Over five billion people have gotten the vaccine. The impact of the vaccine, if you look in Europe, they are now having soccer games. A soccer game in Europe is 100,000 plus people,” Grant said.

Camile has a vaccine exemption from her hospital and they test her regularly. She has three sons, who are all unvaccinated as well. Her 16-year-old son wants the shot, but she won’t let him get it.

“My 16-year-old has asked me several times, ‘can I just get vaccinated,’” Camile said. News 8’s Darren Kramer asked Camile, “And what did you tell him?” Camile responded, “I said no. Until you are 18 you can make your decision, but until that time, we’ll have more evidence and more knowledge.”

When asked where she got her information from, Camile said, “I’m getting a bachelor’s program, so I know where to go for good information.” News 8 asked her if politics was part of her decision. She responded by saying, “It’s about freedom. I think the government should not be able to tell us what to put in our bodies.”

Camile says while her fight over being vaccinated goes on, her number one concern hasn’t changed.

“Our number one concern is our patients. No matter what,” Camile said.

News 8 will introduce you to a New Haven pastor at a predominately Black church on Tuesday night. He says the Black community does not want to be bullied into taking a vaccine, and that you can’t trust the science.

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