BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WTNH) – The Fairfield Boys Hockey team honored the life of Charlie Capalbo Saturday night. Before the game, they retired his jersey, No. 30.

Capalbo passed away in April last year after a long battle with cancer.

“He was all of the things people know him as, courageous, a fighter,” said Peyton Siegel, Capalbo’s girlfriend. “So kind and charming, and he was so funny and so much fun to be around.”

To honor his memory, Capalbo’s jersey was framed to be displayed on the wall. The former high school hockey star and his brother, Will, wore No. 30 on the ice.

“They both showed amazing grace throughout almost 6 years with whatever we had to get through,” said Anthony, Capalbo’s dad.

A special portrait of Capalbo was also revealed. It was painted by Norwalk-based artist Five Fingaz. He said Charlie’s story moved him and so he dedicated the painting to the family.

Will, Capalbo’s brother, said his presence will always be felt in the rink.

“Charlie’s always going to be able to catch a game or catch kids walking around, coming in and out of hockey,” he said.

The support from Capalbo’s friends, family and community has been overwhelming over the years. His parents are proud of the legacy he has left.“It’s not just our friends, or the hockey community,” said Jenny, Capalbo’s mom. “It’s the entire town saying that they loved him. He meant something.”