NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – A Connecticut man who was convicted of killing a baby and paralyzing her grandmother is now free from prison nearly 30 years later.

Adam Carmon’s murder conviction was overturned last month, and a judge ordered his release this week.

His legal team says he’s been fighting for nearly three decades, and he’s maintained his innocence from the state. The family of 7-month-old Danielle Taft says they won’t stop until there’s justice.

Shirley Troutman says not a day goes by that she doesn’t miss her baby, Danielle.

“I just want to get justice not only for my mom and daughter but for us as well,” Troutman said.

Danielle was just 7 months old when she was killed, and her grandmother, Charlene Troutman, was paralyzed after they were shot inside an apartment on Orchard Street in New Haven in February of 1994.

Carmon was convicted of murder and other crimes and was sentenced to 85 years in prison. He has been imprisoned for the past 28 years, but a judge overturned his conviction.

“As his attorney, it was proud and gratifying to see him walk out of the front door of the courthouse,” said Attorney Doug Leib. “But really, most of all, it’s about him and finally being able to have that moment of walking free.”

In a lengthy ruling, a New Haven Superior Court judge said there were a number of problems with the case against Carmon. That includes, he said, prosecutors withholding evidence from the defense and police failing to pursue other suspects. The judge also ruled that Carmon did not prove his claim that he was innocent.

“If the jury back in 1995 had the information that was available now, there likely would have been a different outcome,” Leib said.

Carmon has been released and is n a re-entry program under tight restrictions and around-the-clock monitoring. His legal team is now hoping the charges will be dropped.

“I don’t want to put, not only myself through this, but also my children who have not experienced it yet,” Shirley said.

“If he’s found to not be convicted of this crime, then there’s still a killer among us from ’94,” said Angel Hubbard, Danielle’s cousin. “Someone needs to be held accountable.”

The New Haven State’s Attorney is reviewing the judge’s decision to determine the next legal steps. It is undermined if this will go to trial.

Carmon will be back in court in January.