NORTH HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — North Haven’s Wine Press is an Italian-American, family-owned business that teaches people how to turn grapes into wine.

The owner, Ray Iannucci, was born in New Haven after his parents immigrated from Italy. He started making wine in 1994 and opened the Wine Press in 2008.

“When I was a kid I helped my uncles and my grandfather make wine,” he said.

“He needed some help so my brother and I came on board around 2010.”

“He built this business and we all help him as a family. We have a good time.”More Italian in Connecticut:

“I was able to start coming down and I really took a liking to it. There’s a lot to this; it’s an art, making wine. There’s endless possibilities, once you get the grapes through the doors, for what you can do with the wine.”

“I understood as I was making the wine that to open this place up brings back a tradition of making wine,” Ray said.

“People come to us, we pick their grapes with them, then they come back and crush their grapes, press the grapes, rack, and then bottle.”

“It gives me a lot of pleasure to watch them get together with friends and family,” said Iannucci. “That’s what our heritage is, is making wine together, have some good food, and enjoy themselves.”