Family speaks out after bullet kills mother in her Bridgeport home


We are hearing from a family mourning a mother shot and killed when a bullet blasted into her home in Bridgeport Tuesday night.

“I want them to see the pain because of my family. I want them to see what they did,” one family member said.

Original Story: Bridgeport police investigating homicide of 37-year-old woman

An anguished family devastated after a night of escalating violence that ended in murder. 36-year-old Sujata Lee Edwards was shot, hit by bullets that came flying through a second floor window. The victim was standing next to her mother, Llesa O’Connor at the time. 

“A bunch of bullets come to the window and hit my daughter. My daughter fell back and she never got up. She never moved. My daughter don’t give no problems. She don’t bother nobody. Yet, she had to die, for what?”

According to the famil,y there was an earlier fight between Edwards’ son’s girlfriend, and an ex. As many as 20 people were caught in the melee. Then, just before 8:00 p.m., came the retaliation.

“It’s not right. Something’s got to change in this area. Something has to change. Something has to change. Somebody has got to do something. This can’t just keep happening. This is ridiculous,” one neighbor said.

“The person that did it, may god forgive you because I’m not god. May god forgive you, the person , because I don’t know if I will,” O’Connor said.

The police investigation is continuing at this hour. As of now, no arrest in this case.

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