HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – It’s crunch time. Monday, April 19, is the last day one can file their tax return.

If you’re scrambling to finish filing your taxes at the last minute, there is a way to get more time to file. You may file an extension for your return, but the extension will only grant you more time to file. It will not change the date you owe money to the IRS.

The IRS highly encourages filing your return online to reduce the chance of tax return errors. Filing online is also the fastest way to receive a refund by using direct deposit, according to officials at revenue services. The Connecticut Department of Revenue Services is also pushing for those to file electronically.

“That’s the easiest way to do it, and it gets your refund back the quickest if we owe you that back,” said Commissioner Mark Boughton of Revenue Services.

The Connecticut Department of Revenue Services will also be launching a new interface to make filing your taxes online even easier, next year.