First TV political attack ad of Republican Primary launched


Bob Stefanowski and his wife, Amy, spent part of Wednesday in policy discussions with former candidate David Walker of Bridgeport.

Walker served in both the Reagan and Bush administrations. It came on the same day that one of his current opponents in the Primary, former hedge fund operator David Stemerman, launched the first political attack ad of the Primary with Stefanowski the target.

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Here’s some of the commercial copy:

“Republicans shouldn’t be fooled by Bob Stefanowski.  Bob was a Democrat just last July until he decided to run for Governor. Bob didn’t vote for Donald Trump, Mitt Romney or John McCain.”

The Stemerman attack ad is similar to what candidate Tim Herbst has been saying about Stefanowski in debates and interviews whenever he gets the chance. Herbst stated, “We have a Republican running for Governor who was a Democrat this time last year, who hasn’t voted in 16 years in any elections.”

Stefanowski’s own saturation TV advertising campaign has been on for months promising to cut taxes and rebuild the economy and, according to several sources, has placed his name at the top or near the top of internal polling of potential Republican Primary voters.

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Stefanowski stated he was a registered Democrat for 9 months and a registered Republican for 25 years and is counter-punching at Stemerman. He said, “He’s been a Democrat for seven years. He’s given to Barak Obama, so I find it pretty hypocritical for him to come at me on something that he’s got a worse record than I do, quite honestly.”

Stemerman admitted to making a donation to the Obama campaign but said he has donated tens of thousands to Republican candidates and has been a registered Republican for 15 years.

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