MIDDLEBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — Cryotherapy has been around for decades. It originated in Japan in the 1970’s, but was then developed in Europe. It’s become a fairly new concept in the United States.

“I think with the recent media buzz it’s peaking people’s interest for sure,” said Charis Wipfler who’s a nurse practitioner and the owner of Grace Medical Aesthetics in Middlebury. Wipfler recently started offering the first whole-body cryotherapy treatment in Connecticut.

The cryosauna cools the air around you to negative 220 degrees Fahrenheit. The extreme cold decreases pain and inflammation throughout the body. It’s simple in theory, but many of those who use it say it’s been life-changing.

“Three minutes later I had no idea how much pain I was in until I had none,” said Marianne Sklarsky McCarthy, who does cryotherapy. She’s been suffering from chronic pain throughout her body after years of intense activity from running, snowboarding and biking. She says after two treatments she no longer has pain.

‘It’s really quick, Little cold,” said Sklarsky McCarthy. You’re not claustrophobic at all.”

In addition to chronic pain, cryotherapy is used to help with energy, calorie burn and sports injuries.

“This is completely less uncomfortable than an ice bath. It’s very quick, three minutes,” said Wipfler.

The cryosauna in Wpfler’s facility has multiple safety features, including an automatic shutoff and oxygen sensors. Every patient is also monitored by a medical professional.

There are various treatment packages available at different price points. The duration of treatment will depend on the person and the ailment they’re trying to heal.