(WTNH) – The weather is getting uncomfortable as temperatures are set to rise into the 90s on Tuesday. People are already seeking out ways to beat the heat.

It’s going to be hot over the next few days and in New Haven, the city has issued an extreme heat alert through Sunday. That means the cooling centers are open and there are a number of splash pads open.

“I always think, where’s the first place to go. It’s Lighthouse. There’s always a nice breeze, get in the water, jump in the splash pad, and just have fun,” said Tracy Blanford of New Haven.

Lighthouse Point Park is a favorite summertime spot for many.

“More kids are starting to come, which is so fun and the view is incredible,” said Shannon Palmer.

On Tuesday, kids were running through the splash pad and jumping into the water to stay cool.

“I decided to bring my granddaughter to the beach today because it’s so hot. Avoid the heat at home and enjoy the weather because it’s so beautiful out here,” said Laura Frey.

Governor Ned Lamont has activated that state’s Extreme Weather Protocol, which will remain in effect through Sunday Night. Cooling centers have opened and people are being encouraged to take steps to stay safe.

It’s important you find ways to stay cool this week. Some tips to remember are to drink plenty of water, limit time outside, and wear lightweight clothing.