NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – The Long Wharf food truck line is full of good food and opinions on this week’s hot weather in the state.

Foodies like Juliet Olguin like to get out of the office.

“I’m in AC all day so sometimes when I leave the office it’s a bit of a break between my car and the office. I don’t like constant AC,” said Olguin.

Her coworker Crystal is all about the warm weather.

“I mean if it was at a beach, it would be better but I like the heat,” said Crystal.

Many of the food trucks along the strip do not have air conditioning including Ernesto Marin, who works at the La Petrona food truck.

“It’s hard, it is hard. But you know someone’s got to do it because people need to eat, especially the workers, people who work on the outside like landscaping and construction workers,” said Marin.

Just a few trucks down you’ll find Freddie working hard over the hot grill and fryer fulfilling the orders of hungry customers at Sweeney’s Food Truck.

“I looked in and they were sweating like crazy I asked them. I said, how bad is it? They said it was awful,” said Derek Gilmore of Wallingford.

But Freddie takes it all in stride. He works in the food truck all day and then at a diner in West Haven at night.

Customers appreciate the hard work on a hot day.