Former MLB pitcher Jepsen invents new Frisbee game: CupCheck


(WTNH) — Kevin Jepsen made his major league debut by sitting down Derek Jeter, Bobby Abreu, and Alex Rodriguez in order. That was the start of his 10-year big league career.

Theses days, Jepsen is still playing games. One that he designed, with some help from some of his big league friends.

“It’s just like baseball,” Jepsen said. “Guys have their own way of throwing the disk, catching the cups, their own finesse.”

The game is called CupCheck. It’s a real thing now, but back in 2016, it was just some friends played a made-up game and looking to have fun at a Nascar event.

“Zero intentions of ever manufacturing this, selling it, it was just so we can play it at Nascar,” Jepsen said. “The overwhelming interest of other people there that we didn’t know; they just kept coming up [to us], wanting to play.”

With some fine-tuning, it’s a game you can now take anywhere — and the rules are easy.

The offense has to throw the Frisbee through the middle of two poles without knocking the cup off, which is placed on top of the poles. If they can do that, that’s three points for their team.

If the cup comes off, the cup is now live. If the cup falls to the ground, it’s two points for offense.

However, if defense can catch the live cup with one hand, defense earns one point.

The first one to 21, wins. But the winner, in the long run, is the Testicular Cancer Society, which has partnered up with CupCheck.

Jepsen said testicular cancer is the number one form of cancer in males, aged 15 to 35.

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