“Free to Breathe” Run and Walk in East Hartford helps fight lung cancer


(WTNH)–Have you lost a friend or loved one to lung cancer? Were they a smoker? Or did they have tradon in their home? Dozens and dozens die every year from that disease in Connecticut. On October 9, you can take part in the “Free to Breathe” Run and Walk at East Hartford’s Rentschler Field to help fight it.

Tens of thousands of dollars are raised at the yearly event and money goes to research to find a cure. On this edition of “Nyberg,” two women who lost fathers to lung cancer, Tina Tolomeo and Briana Ragaini, speak about how much this cause means to them.

“To the smokers out there, just quit while you’re ahead. We’re trying to provide resources and information, and educational pieces out there too,” said Tolomeo.

“If you smoke, stop. If you don’t smoke, don’t pick it up and certainly you can get lung cancer from other things. Some of the higher risk things like radon, get your home tested.”

For more information on the “Free to Breathe” Run and Walk, go to www.freetobreathe.org.

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