A French teenager has been sentenced to four months in jail after he found a creative way to purchase a popular gaming console for just ten dollars.

The Daily Mail reports that last September, a teenager named by the French media as ‘Adel’, grabbed a PlayStation 4 off a store shelf and took it to a fruit scale to weigh it. He was given a sticker for six pounds worth of fruit, and he placed that sticker on the box for the gaming system before heading to the supermarket checkout.

‘Adel’ paid nine euros for the six pound bag of fruit, which is approximately $10.30. The current price for a PlayStation 4 in France is €340, or $389.07.

The Daily Mail reports that ‘Adel’ would have gotten away with the crime if he had not returned to the same store the following day to try to get another PlayStation using the same technique.

The 19-year-old was arrested by French police, and charged with theft. He was sentenced to four months in prison.