GROTON, Conn. (WTNH) – Gas prices are finally beginning to drop in across the state. Groton currently has some of the lowest gas prices in southeastern Connecticut.

Along Route 12 in Groton, there are several gas stations offering gas for less than $3.80 per gallon. One Mobil station is selling regular unleaded gas for $3.72 per gallon. has found some other gas deals in the state. The Shell station in North Haven is selling gas for $3.54 and the CitGo in Vernon is offering gas for $3.56. Some stations in Southington, Wallingford and Rocky Hill are also coming close to the Groton gas prices.

The drop in gas prices comes as the inflation rate has begun to dip. In June the rate was at 9.1% and in July it dropped to 8.5%. Many are hoping this is the start of a new trend.

“Every little bit helps. Let’s hope it goes down further. Then the food,” said Leonard Vidou, of Old Lyme.

At the moment you have to search to find the lowest gas prices in the state and can help out with that search.

Even though the gas prices have dropped a little if you need that higher octane gas you are still paying a premium price. To put things into perspective even more think back to what the gas prices were during the height of the pandemic.

Now that demand is back up, some fuel experts say gas prices may go up even higher.

“Current oil consumption is about 19 million barrels a day. Current oil production is 14 million barrels a day,” said Michael Fox, Executive Director of GASDA.

Michael Fox says the drop we’re seeing now may be due to what they call the end of summer and it won’t last. Even now though some prices are still a quite a bit higher. He says that’s due to zone pricing set by the major oil companies.

“Zone pricing and where they are and how many there are and how they do them is a better-kept secret than a formula for Coca-Cola,” said Fox.

At least for now some say the pain at these pumps is a little bit less.