HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH)–As soon as spring starts, the first thought on my mind is what can I go outside and plant. Well believe it or not, there are actually a lot of things you can do to get ready for spring.

Dennis Angelotto of Hamden said, “We’ve got 6 plants of tulips and we’re going to keep them in the house for a few days to enjoy them and plant them outside.”

There may still be piles of snow on the ground, but enough is enough.

“I’m excited because my wife is excited. Once the weather turns warmer, everyone will get into it this year.” Laughed Chuck Cohen, Hamden.

And we’re all ready for spring, even the dogs!

“She’s more than ready, she actually gets depressed too. And then when she’s here she’s looking around. She’s having a good time.” Mentioned Dennis.

And with warmer weather on your mind, there are some things you can actually plant this time of the year!

Mary Maturo of Paradise Nursery exclaimed, “The pansies, the violas, those can stay outside. And also any of the holiday daffodils, tulips, hiasans. You can place those in the ground or put them in urns.”

And as far as yard cleanup, get rid of any twigs or leaves. You can also put lime down, but wait until later in the spring to seed or fertilize. You can start your garden though.

“You can do the peas right now. You can plant those seeds in the ground. Lettuce plants and the early vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, brussels spouts can go in the ground third week, maybe the end of April.” noted Maturo

And if you’re looking for one last large item to be able to plant this weekend, you can plant shrubs and other small trees this time of the year.