Good news about tick season


Now it may not really feel like spring, but it’s not stopping ticks from already biting hundreds of people around Connecticut, so how bad will it be?

Patrick Armstrong, East Haven resident noted, “The people with the dogs, it seems like they take good care of them. I certainly think they would be concerned about ticks.”

Last year was an exceptionally bad year for ticks in Connecticut, and pet owners have clearly taken notice.

Sonesinh Somxanxay, dog owner said, “She’s my baby. For her, shes about 65 pounds and the liquid tube is about this small and I just put it behind her neck.”

But there are some indications of good news coming for this season.

Dr. Goudarz Molaei of the Tick Testing Lab at The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station stated, “Compared to last year we are not there yet. And I don’t think this year we will have as many ticks as we did last year.”

One of the biggest reasons is the weather. It’s been chilly so many ticks are dormant and people aren’t out and about as much! But they’ll be back, and estimates show that 75% of all tick bites happen around the home, so prevention is important. Spraying can help, but dealing with your yard is just as important.

“Landscaping can influence the suitability of the habitat for the ticks.” Noted Kirby C. Stafford III, Chief Scientist and State Entomologist at The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station. “We’ve found just cleaning up the edge of the property can reduce the number of ticks coming in the lawn by as much as 70 percent.”

So how can you get a tick tested if you’re bitten this spring or summer?

Dr. Theodore Andreadis, Director of The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station said, “We ask that the public please submit them through their health department but if you show up at the door, we won’t turn you away.”

And only time will tell whether this season is worst than the last one or not. Regardless it only takes one tick to ruin a life so make sure you check yourself, your pets, and take preventative measures as well.

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