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GOP US Senate candidate Matt Corey faces tall task against Sen. Chris Murphy


“Taking on a U.S. Senator like Chris Murphy is  a tall task. But for GOP candidate Matt Corey, tall tasks is what he does.

Hanging high above the streets of downtown Hartford, Matt Corey is doing his job.

“There are very few buildings I haven’t cleaned in downtown Hartford in the last 30 years”, Corey said.

Scaling down City Place, the tallest building in the capitol city, by day, Corey spends his nights running for the U.S. Senate, trying to unseat Democratic incumbent Chris Murphy.

“I’m a small business owner and blue collar American. I work every single day. I know what it means to make a payroll. That’s what we represent.”

Corey is hoping his blue collar message will translate into votes.

“I understand what it means to put on a pair of work boots and a hard hat. This is about representing the hard working families of Connecticut. We need someone in Washington not to obstruct, but to move this country forward and move this state forward on policies that will help this state and country.”

He talks about bringing more federal dollars into the state by forming a better relationship with Washington and the Trump administration.  

“This is about creating jobs, bringing jobs. There’s a 1.5 billion dollar infrastructure package on the table down there. We need someone to work with the administration to bring in those federal funds home, and get the operational engineers, teamsters, laborers back to work. I’m part of that group.”

Underfunded and unable to campaign fulltime , Corey acknowledges he is facing an uphill battle in taking on Chris Murphy, who has raised millions of dollars and is being mentioned as a potential 2020 presidential candidate.

“Senator Murphy has never ran a business. Never met a payroll. Never worked a day in the private sector – maybe a little bit. He doesn’t understand what the struggling families deal with here in Connecticut.

Corey believes he can overcome it, however, if he can just get his message out. 

Tall tasks is what GOP US Senate Candidate Matt Corey does everyday. The commercial window washer and tavern owner takes a break from scaling down Hartford’s tallest building to talk with News 8’s George Colli about his campaign, President Trump and why his experience is needed in Congress.

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