NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – There is a severe nursing shortage impacting the country and Gov. Ned Lamont is launching a new program to help additional nurses get to work.

On Wednesday at Southern Connecticut State University, Lamont shared the new program is called “Connecticut Health Horizons.”

It’s a $35,000,000 investment in higher education to bring students and faculty to schools to accelerate nursing education and training and provide critically needed financial aid to students.

The program will work across the state’s both private and public non-profit public colleges and universities.

Alexander Bohen went through the accelerated nursing program at SCSU and says it transformed his life.

“Before I had even finished my final exams I had a job offer waiting for me, at the cardiothoracic ICU at Yale New Haven Hospital,” said Bohen.

And while the jobs are out there is a bottleneck happening at schools when it comes to nursing.

“We have about 12,000 students a year that apply to nursing programs, but we only have slots for about 3,000.

This program will expand capacity to bring in 1,200 more students and much-needed faculty by next fall.

 “We have to hire great faculty to come in and teach those folks for whatever the credential might be – and that’s how we’re going to get the great workforce, development, filling the healthcare needs,” said Terrence Cheng, President of Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) system.