HARTFORD, CONN. (WTNH) — Governor Ned Lamont announced he has placed $839 million worth of upgrades to Connecticut’s transportation system on the agenda for approval at the next State Bond Commission’s meeting.

Gov Lamont, who serves as chairman of the State Bond Commission, says these upgrades are long overdue and complement projects that are expected to be financed through the most recent federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

“Between our administration’s commitment to improving Connecticut’s transportation system and the bipartisan infrastructure bill that was recently approved by President Biden, we are about to enter a new era of transportation upgrades that will finally address some of our state’s most congested areas and transform our roads, bridges, rail, buses, ports, and airports into an efficient network that supports the needs of businesses and the people who live here,” Governor Lamont said.

Some of the transportation upgrades set to be approved at the meeting include:

  • Dual Power Locomotives
  • Town Aid Road
  • Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program
  • State Local Bridge Program
  • I-95 Sfatey Study
  • Local Transit District Support

“These transportation priorities are an important down payment on Connecticut’s infrastructure future,” Transportation Commissioner Joseph Giulietti said. “By advancing these state dollars, Governor Lamont is ensuring we can get more transportation jobs out on the street, we can create more jobs, and most importantly, the State of Connecticut will have an opportunity to secure more federal transportation dollars from Washington as we move forward. The federal infrastructure bill is a game-changer, and the governor is making sure the cards are stacked in Connecticut’s favor.”

The meeting will be held via videoconference on Dec. 21, beginning at 2 p.m.