Governor Malloy: Rail needs to be as safe as possible


NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — As the investigation continues into the deadly Philadelphia Amtrak train crash, Governor Malloy talked about the latest tragedy.

“My heart goes out, my prayers go out to the individuals and families affected,” he said. “The rail, overall, is a safe way to travel, that’s why we are always so shocked when we see a rail death or circumstances that have played out in Philadelphia.”

At least seven people were killed and over 200 were sent to area hospitals. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, the train was speeding over 100 mph moments before it entered a curve where the speed limit was just 50 mph. Governor Malloy says pressure needs to be put on Amtrak and the Federal Railroad Administration to make changes in Connecticut.

“To require and to help pay for and install warning systems on the trains on our lines,” he said.

Lawmakers say overall rail improvements are long overdue.

“We are working with the Federal Railroad Administration and the MTA with respect to additional warning systems and actual systems that will stop trains from having accidents, and we believe that needs to be implemented in a timely fashion,” said the Governor. “We think there are better technologies and we should be using those in Connecticut.”

Those who depend on the rail are keeping optimistic.

“How many times do people get home safely? You just don’t have a choice,” said Mary Ann Clark.

Others who ride the rail say they will take their chances.

“I’ve been living in France for 30 years and the train system is a very frequent mode of transportation, so I feel the trains in general are a lot safer than cars,” said Linda Lebeau.

“I will ride because considering the amount of people that ride the train, it doesn’t happen that much and it’s something out of my control,” said Thomas Sekator.

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