NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Just like we change our clothes every season, you may want to change your beauty routine, and that’s especially true during the winter.

“It’s really important to be cognizant of what you’re putting on your body because our skin is our largest organ,” said wellness expert Caryn Sullivan.

That’s why she turns to natural products like coconut oil during these dry winter months.

“I use coconut oil every day and most regularly I use it as a hand moisturizer,” Sullivan said. “You can use it as hair conditioner before you get in the shower.”

You can also use it to smooth down flyaways in your hair. Another one of Sullivan’s favorite hair care products is aloe vera juice.

“Put that on during the shower and that will help give it a quick clean and crisp condition,” she explained.

To banish dry skin during the winter, try dry brushing.

“Dry brushing is a routine where you take a thick bristled brush and you rub your body in circles,” Sullivan explained. “It helps exfoliate, get rid of dry skin, and it helps replenish the cells underneath.”

She also suggests tailoring your makeup to the season.

“Because our skin is really dry in the winter, using mineral powders will make it even more dry,” Sullivan said. “So if you’re going to use some sort of foundation, I would suggest using liquid and then keeping away from the powders or using just a little bit.”

Keep your face moisturized throughout the day with a homemade mist.

“There are many expensive toners on the market you can buy, but it could be as simple as getting some spring water and filling it with a little bit of essential oil, like a lavender,” she explained.

And don’t overlook the power of hydration, especially during the winter.

“Just like our skin tends to get dry, our body and our cells become dry as well, and so when you hydrate from the inside it actually helps not only to keep you from being dehydrated, but it also helps your skin be a little more supple,” Sullivan said.

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