Gubernatorial candidates conduct last-minute campaigning night before election


On Tuesday night, unless it’s too close to call and there has to be a statewide recount, Connecticut will have a new governor.

So, who will it be? What are the candidates doing Monday night? And what are voters thinking?

“The difference between Bob and I is night and day! I can’t figure out how anybody can be undecided at this point!” Democratic candidate Ned Lamont said.

But there are still a lot of undecided voters out there, and the last-minute campaigning has been ratcheted up by all three candidates.

Lamont has been flanked by big-name lawmakers also running for reelection in an attempt to galvanize the party and the voting base.

“They believe in this state. They want a governor that believes in the state, make sure that young people believe in the state, businesses grow and invest in the state, and you have to have a positive attitude, and that’s what I will be as a governor. I will be a champion for the state of Connecticut,” Lamont stated.

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Lamont said he is giving it everything in the last 24 hours because he knows how important this election is and how important the stakes are.

Meanwhile, Republican Bob Stefanowski has been driving around the state on a bus trip and meeting with voters.

“I think this ten-day bus trip we have done has helped a lot. We are doing seven or eight events that day. I see tremendous momentum, and the experts will tell you that towards the end it’s all about momentum,” he stated.

Stefanowski said the momentum has come from listening and understanding what people want. He believes during the the last 10 days, it has been listening just as much as speaking his ideas, and that means listening to Democrats.

“What are the Democrats thinking? I have had a fair number of Democrats that have come up to me over the last couple of weeks and say they are voting Republican for the first time in their lives because they want change. I want to understand what change means to them,” he explained.

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“Do you really think anything is going to change in terms of the mudslinging? It’s going to be the same old garbage, and I think people see through it. I think the reason we are confident that we are winning tomorrow is that people are tired of this poll-tested pablum,” stated Oz Griebel.

Griebel was also putting on a last-minute push. His message is to change Connecticut, you can’t be a Democrat or Republican, because the party system is part of the problem. You need an Independent leader who can come in with a fresh start and fresh ideas.

Polls open on Tuesday at 6:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m.

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