GUILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — At H20 Farms in Guilford, it is row after row of vibrant green and red lettuce.

One acre of highly maximized space can produce the amount of lettuce that would require forty acres on a traditional farm.

The farm uses deep-water hydroponics to grow several types of lettuce including butterhead, green leaf, romaine and red.

Project manager Chiam Tovia says the farm is the first of its kind in the country, producing 30,000 heads of lettuce a week in a shorter amount of time than anywhere else.

“What we can do in seven or eight weeks from seen until full grown head – in traditional growth would take about four months,” said Tovia.

The environment is also drought, weather, animal and insect proof.

Forget about the tractor.

Tovia uses a computer program to control the environment.

It can even run off of an app.

“Not only that if there is something is wrong the system can text you and tell you it’s wrong,” said Tovia.

Based out of Israel, the company was given incentives to move to Connecticut.

Able to harvest produce 365 days a year, it’s an edge H20 farms hopes will lead to expansion.

Currently, the lettuce can be bought in several supermarkets including Big Y and Whole Foods.