(WTNH)–Folks going into the Hair Cuttery salon may have been thinking of what hair style they wanted but what they were also doing was helping victims of domestic violence.

For every haircut Monday and Tuesday the Hair Cuttery is donating a free haircut to victims of domestic violence.

“I just love when they come in because we’re there to help them and then they leave with a smile on their face and it’s something really nice,” says Salon Leader Kelly Darrow.

“It works out because we had two haircuts so we’re helping out two different people,” said Bill Pincking of Gales Ferry who was in the salon with his son JR.

Some of the vouchers which will be given to the National Network to End Domestic Violence will come to Safe Futures in New London.

“For that brief moment they get to feel beautiful and they get to feel pampered and have something positive in their day to sort of help them get through the seriousness of their issues,” said Amanda Boaz, Outreach Associate of Safe Futures.

Often times people open up to their hair dresser sharing stories of an angry or violent partner. Kelly Darrow hasn’t heard any herself which have indicated domestic violence.

“I know some people who have,” said Darrow. “It’s kind of a difficult situation to deal with.”

“It’s just letting them open up, listening, believing them, and referring them,” said Boaz.

With each story being different Boaz says the hair dresser can openly share information about Safe Futures or just hint about the help they offer. And sometimes it’s not what clients say which can reveal something may be wrong.

“If something is under the hair or is on the neck in places that normally would be covered up a hair dresser would see that because they are dealing with their head and maybe if they feel a bump or something,” said Boaz. “So it’s a good place to say ‘oh what happened here and sort of listen’.”

The Hair Cuttery salons are open until 9:00 P.M. Tuesday night.