HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Hamden High School will close its doors until Wednesday, after news of another threat, marking the second threat against the school in one week.

Faculty members and students received either an email and/or robocall from Hamden Public Schools and the Hamden High School’s principal, noting that the school will be closed both Monday and Tuesday due to another threat directed towards the high school community. The district will work with the Hamden Police Department and mayor’s office to “provide a proactive safety approach to school reopening,” the email said.

The school is set to reopen on Wednesday with increased safety measures.

“My staff is prepared to assist the school administration and Board of Education is preparing increased safety measures for our educators, staff, and students who all deserve to teach and learn in a safe environment,” Hamden Mayor Lauren Garrett said in a statement Sunday night.

Garrett said that while developing these plans, “we must continue to address the mental health of our students.”

Hamden Police said many students in the community “took proactive steps” to notify their parents and officials about the online threats. This is an active police investigation and officials urge anyone with information regarding the original threat to contact the Hamden Police Department.

The video below is from a previous newscast.

Hamden High School was closed on Friday while police and administration investigated a potential gun violence threat that circulated online Thursday. It is unclear whether the second threat is in relation to the threat made last week.

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