HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – Hartford HealthCare is reaching out to help health professionals in Ukraine who are overwhelmed treating the wounded.

The people of Ukraine have a lot of needs right now, but hospitals there are really scrambling not only with the wounded but also because a lot of their medical equipment including ambulances the Russian Army has destroyed.

On Thursday, Hartford HealthCare sent one of their ambulances that were about to be taken out of commission to the war-torn country. The idea came from a Hartford HealthCare neurosurgeon who is from Ukraine and has been speaking to doctors over there about the need for ambulances.

“As a medical community here, we certainly have understanding and know-how to be directly helpful, and I think in the time of struggle, meeting their medical needs is extremely important,” said Dr. Joseph Aferzon.

“The region that this ambulance will go to originally had 109 ambulances serving its community. Today, there are less than 10, so this ambulance matters,” said Jeff Flaks, President & CEO of Hartford HealthCare.

Before the ambulance was loaded onto a truck to begin its journey, Hartford HealthCare stuffed it full of medical supplies. There was everything from splints, masks, gowns, blood pressure equipment, bandages, and syringes.

The ambulance is heading to a hard-hit area just outside of Kyiv in northern Ukraine.