MIDDLEFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) – A Halloween attraction that started 30 years ago is making its debut at Powder Ridge Mountain Park in Middlefield. 

The Haunting at the Ridge is a unique haunted attraction because it starts with a suspenseful 10-minute ski lift to the top of the mountain.

Graveyard Productions put on the attraction. It has come a long way since it started decades ago.

“Graveyard Productions started in my yard when my daughter Johanna was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes or childhood diabetes. We decorated the yard to keep her mind off the candy, three years later we had 6,000 people in the yard and then I decided to do it professionally,” said Ernie Romegialli, head of Graveyard Productions.

This year they needed a new location and Powder Ridge Park piqued their interest. The steep mountain and woods set the scene, and the 45 actors in makeup and costume bring everything else to life. 

“To really kind of bring that realism to you is a lot of work and they deserve a lot of credit,” said Kaylee Doll, the Haunting at the Ridge Makeup Manager. 

Jack the Ripper, played by Chester Koelsch, has been scaring kids for 33 years.

“It keeps me young. Love it, it’s a lot of fun and makes people happy,” said Koelsch

The trail down the mountain takes guests on a ghoulish trek through the woods, an abandoned colony, and a butcher shop. 

If you make it through, the trail ends at the Zombie Lounge, where guests can buy food and drinks, and be amazed by a fire juggler. 

The Haunting at the Ridge continues every weekend for the rest of October.