Hayes wins 5th district, no winner yet in race for Governor


Connecticut’s race for Governor has no decision yet because large areas where the Democrats expect Lamont to do well still haven’t reported their results yet.

Not only the major cities but East Hartford, Bloomfield, Windsor, Norwich, New London, Groton, Middletown, Danbury and New Britain have no data or only partial data reporting.

Wet ballots in some places are causing the delay because the optical scanning machines have difficulty reading wet ballots and with all the rain today there were plenty of wet voter hands handling ballots.

During Connecticut wait to learn who the new Governor was going to be, the U.S. Senate race was called quickly after 8:00pm. 

U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy won a second term in office on Tuesday, defeating small business Republican Matt Corey.

Corey tells News 8 he and his campaign did the best they could with just a small budget.

“We did what we could do with just less than $200,000 versus $7.5 million (Murphy’s campaign budget). We’re not going to give up. I think we’ve sent a great message.” 

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Corey says he fought for blue-collars workers in the state like himself who he feels don’t have a voice in Congress.

Chris Murphy made a victory speech to supporters and his family just after 9:30 Tuesday night in Hartford. Murphy is calling this election outcome an “overwhelming victory” over his opponent Matt Corey.

“Whether you voted for me or Matt Corey, who I commend for running a good campaign…I pledge to give every ounce of my being to fighting for the state of Connecticut in the senate for the next 6 years”, Murphy said.

Murphy pledged Tuesday night to continue to fight for the middle class that includes increases to the state’s minimum wage. He also says he’s committed to continue to fight for gun reform in the nation, among several other issues. 

“Connecticut is worth fighting for”, Murphy told a crowd of supporters. 

Petitioning gubernatorial candidate Oz Griebel took the stage in Hartford with running mate Monte Frank just before 10:00pm Tuesday night to concede in the race for governor. Griebel and his supporters still have their heads help up high. 

“It’s disappointing. We don’t go into this to lose….But as I’ve said…We’re very grateful for the people who’ve supported this campaign. It’s humbling, and we want to make sure people understand how much we appreciate everything that they’ve done”, Griebel told the media Tuesday night.  

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Hundreds are gathering at the Sheraton hotel in Rocky Hill for a watch party for republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski. Results are showing a close race between Stefanowski and his democratic opponent, Ned Lamont. 

Connecticut Republican Party Chairman J.R. Romano tells News 8 he expected the race to be close one between Stefanowski and Lamont. 

“I think everyone expected it to be tight based on the polls. The last two governor’s races were within 1 to 2 percentage points, so I don’t expect this race to be any different.” 

Jim Grasso, the son of former Democratic Governor Ella Grasso, tells News 8 why he is at the Sheraton hotel tonight in support of Republican Bob Stefanowski.

Grasso, who never has endorsed a Connecticut gubernatorial candidate before, says he decided to support Stefanowski after seeing a decline in Connecticut, in his words, over the last 8 years.

“I thought about my mother, how hard she worked, how she literally gave her life to this state…and I just couldn’t let it be destroyed.”

Joe Markley, Bob Stefanowski’s running mate, has the approach of remaining calm while he the Stefanwoski campaign await for the remaining voter precinct results to come in. 

“The votes are all cast…If you’re going to wait, you mind as well wait as calmly as possible. I think the wait is going to be well worth it”, Markley said. 

There’s a lot of excitement in the Brass City as voters wait to find out who will become the next representative of congress from Connecticut’s 5th district. 

Democratic candidate Jahana Hayes, has been nationally recognized as a past National Teacher of the Year for her role in the Waterbury Public Schools. 

Supporter Sheila Garlington spoke with News 8’s Scott McDonnell at Hayes’s headquarters Tuesday night. She says she saw something special in Hayes all along throughout the race.

“I see her passion…Each time I see her, she embraces me like she’s known me forever.” 

Hayes, along with Waterbury Mayor Neal O’Leary, addressed a crowd of supporters in Waterbury Tuesday night. 

“You joined me on this journey. You reminded me of how good we can be Hayes said. “You know who I am and who I stand for. You know what I believe in. But the votes show that you also believe that we are so much better together.”

She also told supporters that she doesn’t see a path for victory for her opponent. While the race has not yet been officially declared over, Hayes is declaring herself the winner.

Hayes made history, becoming Connecticut’s first African-American woman elected to Congress. 

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