BRIDGEPORT, Conn (WTNH) — If you suffer a major burn in Connecticut or western Massachusetts, you’ll be treated at Bridgeport Hospital’s burn center.

It’s a type of injury that can overwhelm a patient.

“A major burn is a life changing event. It really alters a patient’s physiology, a least temporarily. It certainly takes an emotional toll as well as physical toll,” said Dr. Alisa Savetamal, Medical Director of Connecticut Burn Center – Bridgeport Hospital

Life changed for Joey Tremblay on Thursday night.

While working in his detached garage in Shelton, an explosion blasted Joey from the ground he was standing on.

“Next thing I know I was laying out in the driveway,” said Tremblay.

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Tremblay is beginning a long road to recovery.

“Burns all down my hands my fingers, my face,” explained Tremblay.

Skin graphs and surgery come along with extreme pain, but the care he is receiving in the burn unit is pulling him through.

“It means so much to people. Some just don’t understand how that all means to you when you are in this kind of position,” stated Tremblay.

On the wall of the rehabilitation room, newspaper headlines of success stories hang.

We’ll take care of anybody,” said Dr. Alisa Savetamal.

Healing has happened before, and is happening now. This is the kind of care that gives comfort and hope to patients like Joey.

“They are more than angels, they are,” said Tremblay.