NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – More information is being discovered about COVID-19 reinfections that can include hospitalization, organ injury and even death.

“Some new data is suggesting that each additional covid infection takes some tread off the tire, so to speak. It increases the risk for long covid and other complications,” says Yale Medicine Physician F. Perry Wilson.

Dr. Wilson said that BQ.1 and BQ1.1 COVID-19 variants are now dominant and the Pfizer vaccine still proving effective against them.

Government funding for COVID-19 booster shots is about to come to an end. The CEO of Pfizer said that no one is going to be paying for covid boosters in the future.

“If you dig into that, what he means is that insurance companies should cover them. That means someone’s paying in the end, right. Even if it’s in the form of increased premiums,” explains Dr. Wilson.

Dr. Wilson points out that it’s unknown what happens to those without health insurance.

New research compared the COVID-19 virus to the flu more than 300,000 people. Scientists found there is an increased risk of new seizures and epilepsy in the group who had COVID-19.

“The fact that covid behaves differently than another common viral infection reminds us that covid does seem to have this abnormal effect on the brain. We first figured that out as people were losing their sense of smell, which seemed to be due to potentially some nerve damage, even in the nose.”