NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A study out of Singapore looked at the level of neutralizing COVID-19 antibodies in kids who had the virus.

Yale Medicine Physician F. Perry Wilson explains those are the “good” antibodies that protect you against covid. Levels were looked at right after covid infection and up to one year later.

“Although the levels went down a bit over the course of a year they didn’t go down that much. So that might mean a couple of things that kids are less susceptible to reinfection of covid which would be great news,” says Dr. Wilson.

He says it may mean kids may be able to go longer after getting covid before getting another booster.

Dr. Wilson weighed in on the new covid variant-specific booster coming soon. It has not been tested in human trials.

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“It’s normal in the vaccine world but not the covid vaccine world so this happens every year with the flu vaccine for example. There’s an update in the flu vaccine every year and it doesn’t go through these human trials like the covid vaccines do,” explains Dr. Wilson.

He points out that the MRNA vaccine technology has been proved to be safe and this is a minor tweak.

And monkeypox case are down worldwide, but continue to climb in the U.S. something that is concerning is places like colleges where kids are returning. now

“A lot of close contact in kids we might see some spread there which I’m keeping a close eye on. Hopefully things will level off but it’s not happening here yet.”