(WTNH) – Kids as young as 6 months old are now eligible for COVID-19 vaccination, but there appears to be a lot of vaccine hesitancy among parents.

On Wednesday, the U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary was in New Haven to promote the “We Can Do This” vaccine campaign.

When it comes to guarding against COVID-19, some parents are breathing a sigh of relief because pediatric vaccines are now available and the word is getting out thanks to a new initiative.

For children six months and older, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are the weapons of choice in the war on COVID.

Until recently, vaccines were only available for kids ages five and older, but now toddlers are in the mix.

Health and political leaders gathered at the Fair Haven Community Healthcare Center to talk about a new campaign called “We Can Do This.” It’s designed to get the word out to parents about the availability of pediatric vaccines. It’s also a partnership between the Department of Health and Human Services and the National Diaper Bank.

“Our goal here is not to tell people that they have to get the vaccine, it’s really all about making sure that the information you have is fact-based and is coming from reliable sources,” said Troy Moore, Chief of External Affairs for the National Bank Network.

Last week, six-month-old Dalia got her first vaccine and is already scheduled for a booster. It’s information that’s putting mom and dad at ease.

“We spoke with our pediatrician about it and she was enthusiastic with this new round of data that it was safe and effective for Dalia,” said Marlene Edelstein, Dalia’s mom.

“We trust Fair Haven Community Health Center to provide care for us, for our neighborhood, and Dalia had no side effects whatsoever. The process was super easy to book the appointment, to get the vaccination,” said David Weinrib, Dalia’s dad.

There are more than 200 diaper banks throughout the country. Officials say when families drop in for diapers, they’ll also get information about vaccines for their toddlers.