HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) By this time next week the plan is to have many people in Connecticut boosted with the brand new COVID-19 booster shot, which targets the omicron variant. Supplies continue to roll in and healthcare systems are working to get appointments ready.

“So people can start to make appointments and certainly by next week vaccines will be going into arms,” says Dr. Manisha Juthani, Connecticut’s Department of Public Health Commissioner on the soon to come rollout here of the new covid bivalent booster.

The guidance so far is everyone 12 and up is eligible for the Pfizer version, 18 and up for the Moderna booster.

Many have questions about timing and how to space shots out. Like who is eligible for this new booster? Those who had their initial two covid vaccine shots.

If they have not gotten a booster yet, they can get this one now as their first booster.

If you have already gotten a booster shot, the thing to know is 2 months.

“As long as it’s been two months since your last booster you are eligible for this new booster.

The state pre ordered 200,000 doses of the updated booster vaccines and encourages people to sign up in order to avoid a COVID-19 fall spike as people move indoors.

As for those who have recently had covid and want to get the new booster, guidance from the CDC is coming on how long you should wait.

“What I recommend to people is that at this point in time you can start making appointments and we’ll wait and see exactly what that final recommendation is,” says Dr. Juthani.