A nationwide spike in measles outbreak heightens concern


It’s the most infectious virus in the world. 

“About 90 percent of people who are exposed to it if they have not been vaccinated will become infected and sick,” Dr. Jennifer Ashton said. 

It’s the measles, and we’re seeing a surge of it. 

Health officials said 555 cases have been confirmed this year – nearly 100 more than just a week ago. 

Two-thirds of those cases from New York

“We have seen multiple hospitalizations here, including an infant. And even a premature birth caused by measles. An infant,” said a Rockland County spokesperson.

Rockland County authorities announced on Tuesday that anyone exposed to the measles has to stay away from public events. 

They will also be required to provide information about their health and who they’ve been in contact with to help stop the spread, or they could face a $2,000 fine.

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The spokesperson said, “This is our 29th week fighting measles in Rockland, the longest-lasting current outbreak in the entire nation and the largest outbreak in New York state in 30 years”

Health experts are warning people against vaccine myths. 

Dr. Ashton said, “It is incredibly safe and effective. It’s about 97 percent effective after you get two doses, about 93 percent after a single dose.” 

There is a rush to curb the outbreak before it possibly takes lives. 

The Rockland official asked, “Need we wait for someone to die? It’s grotesque.”

So what are the symptoms of measles?

After three to five days of a high fever, cough, and a runny nose, a rash begins to break out.

The best thing to do is see a doctor if that happens.

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