HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — The air in Connecticut is once again being affected by smoke from wildfires burning out of control in Nova Scotia.

Unlike other Canadian fires, people in Connecticut can not only see the smoke — they can smell it.

“Smoke is all about where this is coming through, so you’ll smell it smells like in some areas burning tires or burning trash, and this eventually goes up into the northwest hills during this evening,” said Gil Simmons, News 8’s chief meteorologist.

While air quality levels are not as bad as yesterday, it was still enough for the American Lung Association to issue an air quality alert for Connecticut.

Hartford Hospital pulmonologist Alexanra Haw said some people are more impacted by the smoke than others.

“Older people could be at a little bit of a risk, but it’s really mainly for people who have sensitive airways like asthma, COPD, people who are on chronic inhaler therapy,” Haw said.

Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s air quality index link listed levels in the state on Thursday will be “moderate to unhealthy” for sensitive groups.

Haw advises compromised patients to stay indoors if levels become unhealthy again. If they do go out, she recommends wearing a N95 mask.

As for the days ahead, Simmons said to be on alert.

“Through the weekend, another surge of that smoke may return if those fires are not contained in Nova Scotia,” he aid.

The American Lung Association has a free hotline to answer nonemergency air or breathing questions. It is 1-800-LUNGUSA.