The year 1968.  

Humble beginnings for the Cornell Scott Hill Health Center in the heart of the Hill community of New Haven.

Leading the vision fifty years ago — its namesake Cornell Scott.  

“Just extraordinarily devoted to the welfare of this community,” says CEO Michael Taylor.  

Taylor said that he was ‘Scotty’ to most everyone.

“Everyone knew Scotty, everyone still to this day knows Scotty. I think Scotty when he saw a community need, it didn’t matter to him whether it was something that was in vogue at the time, he sought to meet the need.”  

Scotty was 73 years old when he lost his battle with cancer.

Taylor says, “His legacy is that the organization he is largely responsible for developing, founding, nurturing now cares for 35 thousand New Haven residents.”

Affordable, high quality care with no barriers.

The insured and uninsured are welcome here.

Taylor points to expansion plans,  “We are going to occupy 13 thousand square feet in the new New Q House.”   

23 sites and counting.

Offering a full plate of services — including primary care, dental, vision, a pharmacy and the first federally qualified care center to provide behavioral health and addiction.

“These are our people. And this is who we are,” explains Dr. Ece Tec who heads up the mental health and substance abuse treatment. 

She says, “They come up with a treatment plan together, primary care providers, they talk with psychiatrist, psych ARPN, social workers and so we work together.”   

World class care.

“There are a lot of people like myself who are from Yale and we’re over in the health center, providing excellent care.  You can come to Cornell Scott and you can get the best care there is,” says Chief of Medicine Dr. Douglas Bruce.

And he says, expect an even more engaging neighborhood partnership in the coming years, “We want to be on the forefront of reaching into the community helping people take care of their high blood pressure or their diabetes before they need dialysis or before they go blind with their diabetes, reaching out to young people who may be at risk for HIV.”  

For patients like JR Rodriguez, the Cornell Scott Hill Health Center is the only place to be.    

He says, “Wonderful care, wonderful care. We can’t complain. It’s so wonderful. You feel good coming here? I feel good.” 

Community is caring. 

In celebration of 50 years, the center is hosting a Legacy Gala on September 22, 2018

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