NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Physicians across the country are seeing increased numbers of patients with the flu who need hospitalization, as well as a rise in RSV and COVID cases.

Yale Medicine Doctor Perry F. Wilson explained that it is essential to watch, not just the number of covid cases, but rather the number of people who wind up needing to be hospitalized for the illness.

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Dr. Wilson warns those 65 and over who have not yet gotten covid boosters to get them as soon as possible due to the increase in cases.

Dr. Wilson said that 85% percent of that age group are among those who have died from covid and only 25% of them are boosted.

If you come down will an illness and are unsure if it could be the flu, coronavirus or RSV, Dr. Wilson recommends getting tested to check for COVID and the flu, due to the overlap in symptoms.

According to the CDC, those who feel a bit under the weather can still get a flu shot and a COVID vaccine booster, as long as their COVID test is negative.

Dr. Wilson shared RSV has respiratory symptoms that cause more wheezing and that the flu comes with more muscle aches.