BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WTNH) — The holiday season means meals, parties and lots of food. It can be dangerously tempting, but there are ways to avoid overdoing it.

“You’ll probably be so hungry that you’ll wind up overeating, and then you won’t even get to enjoy your food so it’s important to eat throughout the day,” said Melissa Kenney, a registered dietician at St. Vincent’s Medical Center.

Kenney advises having your usual breakfast and a light lunch if a larger meal is later. As for that holiday meal, perhaps a turkey or roast, and think about added nutrition through side dishes.

“Like roasted brussels sprouts, or I love roasted fennel,” she said. “That’s a fun one. You can do something creative like making a broccoli Christmas tree.”

For a quick fulfilling snacks, she likes a handful of nuts and pretzels, or Greek yogurt with fruit.

As for those sweets, you might think a dietician would say to avoid things like pies or desserts at all costs, but that’s not her advice.

“Enjoy it right?” she said. “It’s just one day out of the year but when you have it really savor it. Be mindful. Put down your fork in between bites, and then if something looks good, but doesn’t taste so good, you don’t have to eat it.”

As long as it’s not an entire season of big eating, she said your weight should be fine.

“Even if you gain a couple of pounds over the holidays, your body is going to even itself out, so when you go back to your normal eating and your exercise routine you have to trust that your body knows how to even itself out,” Keeney said.