(WTNH)– Nearly two and a half million meals will be provided to Connecticut residents in need, thanks to a generous donation made by the Connecticut Covid-19 Charity connection, also known as 4-CT.

The group is in the process of distributing $13 million of donations, raised in just six weeks since its launch.

Chief Operating Officer of 4-CT Ted Yang,  spoke to News 8’s Teresa Dufour.

“We’re trying to help everyone that is impacted by this crisis. We pass on 100 percent what we raise to the nonprofits that are servicing those people. We’re very focused on housing and food right now because those are key areas affecting other people,” said Yang.

Both CT Foodshare and CT Food Bank were both granted $500,000.

The group is focusing on assisting non-profits that are helping Connecticut residents directly effected by Covid-19.

4-CT needs you so they can continue to provide assistance and support, says Yang.

“We really need your help, the people in the state of Connecticut to jump in, pitch in to help each other, because that’s the only way we’re getting through this,” said Yang.

In the coming weeks, look for Connecticut musicians, athletes and celebrities to be asking for your help through 4-CT.

Learn more at 4-ct.org.