HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Healthcare workers are being called heroes more than ever now that the world is facing a pandemic.

Hartford HealthCare wants you to know that everyone involved in the fight on the front lines is more than just numbers. That’s why workers started filming what the battle is like behind hospital walls.

“I’m going to kind of set my mind for the morning,” said Sofia Sopczneski, RN, ICU nurse at Hospital of Central Connecticut. “I can’t be sad or tired. I’m not going to think about family and friends. We’re just going to leave that behind for now.”

The video shows Sopczneski once again heading to the COVID-19 unit at the Hospital of Central Connecticut. There, we get an inside look at the dedication and bravery of so many.

“I had a patient…we took his breathing tube out and he woke up and the first thing he said was I miss my wife so much, and we called her and she was so excited to talk to him,” the nurse said.

Hartford HealthCare President and CEO, Jeffrey Flaks, said he’s glad the hospital can use technology to bring people together during this time.

“I love the advancements we’ve put in place to bring iPads and iPhones and so forth into the patients’ room and the way our staff have embraced different protocols to bring visitors into the hospital from far and near.”

“We have become their family, we have invited them into our ICU family, and we keep a very close eye on them,” Sopczneski said. “We spend extra time with them, just to give some smiles.”