HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Imagine getting an alert on your phone if you were exposed to COVID. Well, that technology is on the way to the state to help with contact tracing.

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It’s a tool that any Apple or Google user would have access to, and state leaders said they’ve been watching to see how it’s been working in other states.

In the next month, Connecticut plans to join New York and New Jersey using the technology.

Here’s how it works: It’s your choice. You can opt into it if you want to. If you do, Apple or Google will anonymously track who you came into close contact with.

You could get an alert straight to your phone if they believe you could be exposed.

“It’s all anonymous,” said Commissioner of the Department of Administrative Services, Josh Geballe. “There’s no location monitoring. Google and Apple have worked very hard on this to make sure all the privacy considerations are taken care of, and we’ve taken a cautious approach to this. Watching some other states go first.”

Now, it does rely on people self-reporting that they have been diagnosed with the virus, and Geballe stressed this does not replace traditional contact tracing.

The plan is to roll it out over the next month.