NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Fake vaccination cards, you wouldn’t think that’s really a big deal. However, the Attorney General and now the FBI is involved, and they say it is spreading rapidly across the Internet.

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“People are offering fake vaccination cards on Twitter and eBay and Shopify and online platforms, and it’s really dangerous,” said Attorney General William Tong.

Twitter saying they have already taken down more than 22,000 posts, and actively challenging 11 million more tweets that violate their policies. William Tong is joining forces with 45 other attorneys general from around the country, asking social media to stay on top of it.

“They’ve got to monitor their platforms actively, both with human people looking at the postings, also using algorithms, they have to kick people off,” Tong said.

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Recently There has been a lot of talk of a vaccine passport. New York already making it voluntary, asking people to show a digital vaccination card at High capacity venues, like sporting events. While nothing has been decided in Connecticut, just the talk of having to show proof of vaccination has opened up a black market for fake IDs.

“It’s really dangerous because having a fake vaccination card doesn’t mean you’re safe, doesn’t mean you’ve been vaccinated,” Tong added. “People are trying to misrepresent that they are safe and vaccinated, that puts other people at risk.”

The FBI also targeting fake IDs, saying it is in violation of the law, and people could face federal charges.

“There may also be state level crimes you’re exposed to. So don’t do it. Get the vaccine, and if you don’t want to get the vaccine, that is up to you, but don’t buy fake vaccine cards.”

Some health departments are working with police to find a way to make it harder to replicate a vaccine card. They may be changing them in the near future, they are still working on it because it is becoming such a big problem.