DANBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — Youth sports have been canceled in Danbury after officials said it was partly to blame for a recent uptick in COVID-19 cases.

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Officials told News 8 they learned through a track and trace program that youth sports program was helping spread the virus.

So, youth sports are out, but what about high school sports?

High school sports across the state are still on but they have restrictions like limited time and number of players allowed.

“We are going to make sure we enforce masks, social distance; there is going to be washing of hands,” said William H Hall High School soccer coach, Zeke Seguro. “It seems like it has been forever, so I am anxious to get out onto the field and get going, and I think it can work out if we all do our part.”

This week, for most athletics, it’s just conditioning and getting back into shape. They are not going to rush anything because the athletes have not seen any competitive play since at least March, maybe April. The coaches said they just need to ease their way back onto the field.

“It is great to be back with the team,” said Evan Jones, a senior at William H Hall. “We just have our fingers crossed and hope we have a season.”

“I think it is a lesson that we can all take away is this can impact anybody at any time, so one be appreciative of the time we have; to be extremely vigilant,” William H Hall High School soccer coach Rebecca Lewis Stoll said of the impact Danbury’s decision has on all local sports.

“I have been refreshing Twitter and Instagram every day; there is always new updates [on COVID],” added junior Toby Ruffo. “I don’t know. We are staying hopeful.”

The students know they have to do their part by social distancing and wearing a mask on and off of the field, with their teams and without their teams, because it just takes one person to bring the virus back to the team and that could be no season.

“I did a track workout this morning and the coach made us stay like 6 meters apart, so that is how we have been staying safe, and when we’re stretching, we wear our masks,” said Ruffo. “We wear our masks as much as possible.”

One of the things coaches keep emphasizing is that the future of sports is updated on a day-by-day basis, adding it will depend on where the numbers are and how things work out across the state. If the virus starts to spread, they know sports can be canceled in the snap of a finger.