LITCHFIELD, Conn. (WTNH)– You’ve made it through four years of college and are supposed to graduate this month, but now you’re sitting in your parents house learning on your laptop.

It’s certainly not your typical senior year of college.

News 8’s Teresa Dufour chatted with Litchfield‘s Kelly Dunn, as she’s spending her senior year of Seton Hall at home.

“College is online, it’s very different. We’ve moved everything off campus. I had to move out a couple weeks ago. It’s been a big change,” said Dunn.

According to a study released by Best Colleges, 78 percent of college students have experienced a disruption, and with that 81 percent of students say it’s stressful.

It’s developing a new way of learning Dunn explains.

Best Colleges Online Education Advisor, Dr. Melissa Venable, says communication with professors key.

“Work with them and communicate the problems you’re having. It’s more or less assumed that everyone is struggling right now. There’s lots of flexibility right now,” said Venable.

But college is about social experiences as well. We asked Dunn what she misses most about college life.

“I think my friends. I used to be able to drive down to the hall or walk down the hallway and have a ton of people there. Fun things on the weekends, go to the city. I’m only 30 minutes away. It stinks not having those people around,” said Dunn.

Experts explain that you just have to embrace the change, make the most of it, and look for the positive, like Dunn did.

“I definitely find that my relationships with my professors have gotten stronger over this period, which is awesome, accounting… our whole class has gotten tighter. It makes it a lot easier going into the work force still having that mentor to contact after,” said Dunn.

As for graduation, Kelly says she’ll still get her diploma, while her college is surveying students to determine when is best to hold their graduation ceremony.